Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm Back..With a Reason to Blog

So I decided to try and pick blogging back up for a season. The Lord is really impressing some things on my heart and opening my eyes up even wider and so here I am to share! I almost started an entirely new blog but decided I'd just pick right up where I am (even with a 2 year lapse and only a few blog posts in the years before that! ha!)

I hope that as I work out my heart and thoughts here on "paper" that you'll be challanged, encouraged, and able to see a bit more of the Father in your life. That's my sincere prayer for my life and therefore also this blog; that He be honored in what I say/do/write and that others are drawn deeper into Him as a result.

I'm headed to Rwanda and Ethiopia to minister to orphans in a few weeks, and the Lord is definitely doing a work in my heart as He prepares me for this part of the journey. So I'll be back soon (really!) with a few posts to share what He's showing me.

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